Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I'm here for...School?

 Today I had my first "test" in my Australian History class.  I would call it more of a quiz than a test.  11 questions, short answer, 15 minutes, typical quiz.  I feel like I did pretty well for my first assessment of knowledge in 2.5 months.  I'll get my results back next week. 
My schedule is set up a lot different here than in the U.S. We go to a lecture for 2 hours once a week, and have a smaller tutorial once a week for an hour. You know how much information can be covered in 2 hours?! More than the 50 minutes we have back in Iowa! But then again, they did warn me the work would be different here.
Most of my classes grading system breaks down like this:
20% Tutorial
40% Essay
40% Final Exam
Then I get my grade. A little nerve wracking, but I'm confident.

This weekend is shaping up to be one to remember.  Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and the Irish had a great role in shaping Australia, so that should be quite eventful.  Friday night there is a "Full Moon Party" out on Magnetic Island. (If you're cool, like me, you call it "Maggie" Island.) It's basically a huge party to celebrate the full moon from 3pm-5am with lots of bands, body art, booze, and dancing.  Saturday night I have a pub crawl with a hero vs. villains theme for the Ultimate Frisbee Club that I joined this semester. And Sunday I was supposed to have a field trip all day for my Indigenous class, but by some miracle that has been canceled due to the excessive rain fall we've had here the past week.  Now my plans for Sunday include sleeping...and that is all. Look for pictures those of you who are on Facebook. And don't worry Mom and Dad, I already got all my work done for this week!
I've noticed here that the majority of Australian parties include themes.  During O-week we had a toga party at the Uni-Club on campus. Last weekend I ventured out to a Pirate party, and now a Hero and Villains theme. They really put Halloween to shame. Here are a couple pics courtesy of my wonderful friends.

Yeah, we definitely like to have fun around here. Sometimes at our dignity's expense but hey, you're only in Australia once right? I think that's about it for today. I've decided I'm going to give you all one Australian slang vocab word/phrase per post, so the word of the day is...

Footy (foot-e): The name for Australian Rules football. Also known as rugby.
(can you use that in a sentence please?) The North Queensland Cowboys won their first footy game last Friday. Can also be referred to in:
Footy Boots: cleats

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