Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Spring" Break/ Lecture Recess

Well this week we had off from class for lecture recess. Those back home would refer to it as spring break, but they don't really have spring here. But we did just move into their other season recently, the DRY SEASON!!! This whole week has been beautifully sunny and nice temps around 75-80 degrees with less humidity!

Magnetic Island
Yesterday I took the day and went out to Magnetic Island which is just off the coast of Townsville, about a 20min ferry ride, by myself for a day of exploration.  I went to Bunglaow Bay Koala Sanctuary where I got to hold a Koala, a baby crocodile, some lizards and a snake, and after that I went on a Fort Walk where I got to see old WWII defense buildings.  They were set up by the Australian and American forces to protect Australia from any attacks by the Japanese. The walk is also famous for the wild koala's that are seen in the trees.  I got back on the ferry back to Townsville at about 6pm, just in time to see the sunset over the ocean. It was an amazing day.

Time Flies By
Well it's hard to believe but I've already been in Australia for 10 weeks! But what's even harder to believe is that I have another 9 weeks left here! However this is how the rest of my semester looks:
Full week of class
2 day week
3 day week
3 full weeks
1 week off
2 weeks of exams
Head for Home
So needless to say I'm going to do everything I can in the next 9 weeks because they're going to FLY by.  Over Easter weekend I think I'm going up to the city of Cairns (pronounced "cans") with a couple friends. The number one goal up there is to get out on the reef.  I heard the viability is supposed to be less than ideal because of the cyclone, but it would still be worth seeing.
Other than that I have 3 big essays to write and prepare for my final exams which are going to be more essays.  I've only taken 3 multiple choice quizzes since I've been here which is much different from back home.  The rest have been essay form, or short answer. 

Other than that there isn't much else going on here.  I will definitely update after my trip to Cairns because I'm 100% positive there will be some good stories coming out of that trip! :) Until then have a wonderful week and Happy Easter!

You're word of the day is: Goon
This might be better known back home as boxed wine.  For some reason they call it "goon" here, and I think I've figured out the why.  Because if you drink too much of it, you look like a goon!  It's the cheapest kind of alcohol here and you can use it in a variety of different ways.  "Goon punch" is quite a popular use of it.  My fellow college friends would better know goon punch as jungle juice.  Basically it's goon mixed with you're choice of juice.  Most use some type of orange juice, and you can also mix in some vodka to your liking.  My advice: Keep Away from Goon 

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