Friday, 13 May 2011

5 weeks left, time to do some work!

Well I officially only have 5 weeks left here in Australia as of today.  I'm not exactly sure where all that time went but I've definitely had a good time.  It now seems that the "vacation" part of it is over now, at least for a while.  I have 2 big essays due one on Friday and one on Monday so I should probably get to work on those this week.  No worries though, they're both about half way done already.  After that it's one more trip up to Cairns for a day trip out on the reef, and 3 finals. 
It's a bitter-sweet feeling thinking about coming home.  I mean I have been away from home for the better part of 6 months due to my 4 week trip to Italy over the holidays but now I'm thinking I could stay here for at least a couple more weeks.  However, when I start to get that feeling all I have to do is look at my bank account and I'm harshly reminded that staying here is definitely not an option!  So my plan is to stick around the cities for a couple weeks until the 4th of July and then head back down to my house at school and start work. 
Sorry I don't have any more exciting news for you all, I've really just had my head in the books for the past week or 2.  We've had some small gatherings with friends and such but nothing too exciting.
I'm almost done with frisbee however.  Our team came in 3rd during the regular season but dropped our second game in the playoffs.  Wednesday will be our last game playing for 5-6th place.  The last week I'll be sitting on the sidelines watching the finals, heckling both teams and reminiscing of days gone by...with cold beers in our hands!
Speaking of cold, the past week has came as a shock to most of us.  During the day the sun is still shining bright and it gets to about 80 degrees but after the big ball of fire drops over the horizon the temperature goes with it!  At night now it gets down to about 15-18 degrees Celsius which is somewhere in the 60's.  After the 90 degree humid days we got used to, 60 degrees is cold!
Anyway, hope you're all doing swell wherever you may be, and enjoy summer now after the extra long winter has left you for good (I hope!)

I'm feeling generous today, so I'm going to teach you 2 Australian words!
Bogan--Australian hick or redneck.  Derogatory term we would stereotype people from the southern U.S as. 
Jumper--zip up hoodie.  "Now that it's cold outside everybody wears jumpers to keep warm!"

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